Region Point Series Guidelines

The Region 5 point's series will consist of 5 events. Each event will include qualifying and racing. Points are awarded for signing in, qualifying, and racing. These guidelines apply to all events with the exception of the State's Race which will follow the "QMA Grand's" format.
Region 5 Regional dates are as follows.
Regional                                               Date
I-70*                                                     May 6th & 7th
CCQMA                                               May 20th & 21st
CCQMA                                               June 17th & 18th
THQMA                                               August 19th & 20th
THQMA                                               September 23rd & 24th

Sign-ins for each event will be On Friday 6pm - 8 pm and Saturday 8am - 9:30 am local track time. Drivers meeting to be held promptly at 10:00 am on Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 am (unless the hosting club requests a change and the regional board approves of the change in time.) Late sign-ins will receive a no-time, and will not be allowed to qualify. No one will be allowed to sign in after all qualifying is over, unless a call is made from the handler and there is an approved safety sheet on file.
 States Race: The States Race will follow the QMA Grand's Old Format, except there will not be a practice session prior to qualifying. Blind pill draw will be used to determine order.
You must still come to the tower during the sign in times to sign waivers and for the blind pill draw. If you do not, it will be considered a late sign in and a no time will be given for qualifying.

Safety Inspections will be conducted by the hosting club's safety personnel prior to the regional (under the direction of the Region 5 Safety Director.) Safety stickers are to be used by the Region 5 in lieu of individual safety inspections at each event. The original safety sheet will be kept on file and updates at each regional. A safety sticker may be placed on a car anytime throughout the season after a car passes safety inspection. Only when a car passes the safety inspection of an event, will it qualify for a safety sticker. You must have a re-inspection of any of the following: if a car is sold during the year, you change the motor; you add weight or have any other change in driver or car. A List of seat belt expiration dates throughout the region will be collected. Any entry that has expired belts at a regional race or States Race will have the safety sticker removed and will not race until valid belts are in place. This is the handler's responsibility, period.
- All fuel caps will be checked for cap seals and to be sure they fit properly.
           Note: Brake and arm restraint checks must be conducted prior to every race
           By the pit steward. All deficiencies must be corrected before a car will be allowed
          On the track. Races will not be held up to correct deficiencies. The Regional Safety
          Director may request a safety sticker to be removed at any time deemed necessary.

QMA ID Badge
- The badges / armbands must be worn in the hot chute or on the track at all times. You must also have an apron on while in the hot chute. Armbands will be given out as adult waivers are signed during sign in times or driver's meetings.
Bikes and Scooters
- They are prohibited at all events including motorized and non-motorized. Violators are subject to disqualification from the event. Leave them at home.
Golf Cart's and ATV's
- May only be operated by persons with a valid driver's license. Violators are subject to disqualification from the event.
- The following designated fuel stations will be used for the 2017 racing season. We
We will be using mid-grade 89 octane fuel.
CCQMA - FS @ 1200 N Cheney
I-70 - Loves @ 1900 S State Route 127
THQMA - @ Speedway 3388 US Hwy 41
- The curfew for all races will be 10:00 pm.  Racing may continue past 10pm however, no race will start after 10:00 pm. (unless hosting club requests a change and the regional board approves the change in time). Racing on Saturday will continue up to the A-Mains or until 10pm. On Sunday, the curfew is 8:00 pm.
Regional Board Meeting
- The meetings will be held on Friday night at 8:00PM at the host tower, or at the discretion of the board.
Practice -
Per the hosting club's track crew, we intend to run 1 round practice. This will be based on weather and track conditions per the Regional Director and Track Director.
Qualifying Order -
The order in each class will be determined by pill draw with the lowest number being the first to qualify and the highest number being the last to qualify. Pill drawing will take place during sign-ins. The State's race will follow the Old Grand's format with the exception of the pill draw.
Qualification -
  Will be "hot out of the chute" and will consist of two green flag laps. Each qualifier will be on the green second time past the flagman, except for B, A, MOD, and Jr ½'s who will be given the green the 3rd time past the flagman. * In the event that two drivers receive the same fast time, the second lap will determine placement in the line-up.
Inclement Weather -
If qualifying cannot begin by 6:00 PM o Saturday; the line-ups will be changed to run in order of point's standings. Top 5 in all classes go to the A-Main. If there is a tie in points (reference to inclement weather) the tie breaker for creating a line-up will based on pill draw. In the event there is a rain delay at the first regional, line-ups will be prepared according to pill draw. Lower mains must be started by 10:00 AM on Sunday, if A-Mains are the only thing left, they must be started by 12:00 PM on Sunday. If these times cannot be met, the regional race will be cancelled. Exception: I-70 QMA will be allowed an extra half hour. *Qualifications do not have to happen in case of inclement weather. The Region 5 Board will make the final decision regarding format changes due to inclement weather.
If a race has taken the green flag, but stopped before the checkered flag has come out, the race will be red flagged and the cars will be impounded in the hot chute or the nearest covered building, supervised by the Race Director. All cars in that class will be impounded for two hours. Once cars are impounded all handlers are to leave impound area. No work is to be done on the cars (i.e.: checking tires, checking techs, etc.)  Once the two hour time frame has lapsed and race director has determine racing cannot continue at that time, all cars will be released from impound. If racing is able to resume after the delay, handlers will get 2 minutes to make any changes they feel necessary. After 2 minutes all handlers MUST have their hands OFF of the cars. Cars will be pushed back onto the track and will start in the order of the last scored lap. If a handler is still working on the car after the 2 minutes that car will start at the back of the lineup. Should it be impractical to impound the cars because of lack of shelter or safety, the Race Director will release the cars to their trailers. Once the cars are released to their trailers, a complete restart of the race will be in order. If the alternate car had entered the racing line-up, it will be returned to alternate status.
Race and Qualification Order - The
order will be as follows:
1.        Jr. Novice-Qualify
2.        Sr. Novice-Qualify
3.        Jr. Animal
4.        Sr. Animal
5.        Heavy Animal
6.        Jr. Honda
7.        Sr. Honda
8.        Heavy Honda
9.        Jr. Stock
10.        Sr. Stock
11.        Mod
12.        Lt. 160
13.        Heavy 160
14.        B
15.        Modified World Formula
16.        Jr. Half
17.        Lt World Formula
18.        Heavy World Formula
19.        Jr. Novice Heat # 1 *
20.        Sr. Novice Heat # 1*
*Based on Tower discretion, they modify the order.
(Changes in race line-ups are the Region 5 Board's decision, if needed)
Order of lower mains may vary slightly to prevent back to back racing in classes. This will be at the discretion of the Regional Board depending on the number of mains in specific classes. (i.e.: Jr. Honda, Sr. Honda, etc.)
Warm -ups -
A warm up period will be allowed for the lower mains of the States and Regional races. Lower Mains and A-Mains will be allowed a 2 minute warm up period. Cars must enter on to the racing surface at the start of practice, then, can go to the hot chute without giving up your starting position, but you must be out before the time is up. If you come into the ht chute, the car must come to a complete stop. No driving through the hot chute. If the car does not stop, the Race Director or judges can have the driver black flagged.
Racing Line-ups -
Will be based on qualifying order. Fast time will start on the pole of the A-Main. Second fast will start second and so forth. Main placement will be separated by 5 for juniors and 5 for seniors with the exception of the States Race, which will run the Old Grand's format.
For example:
-        Top 5 qualifiers in all classes will be in the A-Main, next 5 in the B-Main, etc.

Lower Main Transfers - will include top 5 juniors and top 5 seniors to the next main and start in the order of their finish.
-        Jr. Classes - Winner C Main will start 6th in B-Main, 2nd will start 7th, etc
-        Sr. Classes - Winner C-Main will start 6th in B-Main, 2nd will start 7th, etc.

Laps-  Lower mains for junior classes will be 20 and for Senior/ Heavy classes will be 25. A-Mains will be 30 laps for junior classes and 40 for Senior/ Heavy classes. Novice will run a 15 lap heat race and 20 laps for the feature. To have a lower number of laps for the classes with just a couple of cars, all handlers must be in agreement of the change. Novice will line up by qualifying not by the heat races. A-Mains will line up by the qualifying. Novice will run 2 heats and a feature. First Novice heat will be after the qualifying. The second heat race will be based on the tower discretion.
Time Limit
- For all lower main races the time limit is 20 minutes, and for A-Main races the time limit is 30 minutes (exclusive of red flag periods). The checkered flag will be given as the lead car crosses the finish line at the end of the time limit regardless of the laps completed. A race may end while under yellow flag conditions. No time limit will be set for the State's Race.
Courtesy laps
- Two courtesy laps will be given once the lineup is correct.
- for 2017 Region 5 events will be awarded as follows:
-        Sign in Points - Each entrant will receive 33 points per regional event and 38 points for each State's Race.
-        Qualification Points - Top 5 juniors and seniors will receive qualifying points. The top Qualifier will receive 5 points, and then downs 1 point for the next 4 places. Any driver qualifying out of order will receive no points.
NOTE - Those not making an attempt to qualify will get a "No Time" and receive points in accordance with the qualifying position. A car must be on the track with the signed in driver at the specified time to be considered an attempt to qualify.
Novice Points
- There will no points awarded for the Novice Class. Each driver participating in at least 4 Regional events will receive a Novice participation trophy at the Regional Banquet. The novice class is not considered a competitive class and is considered a learning class. This should encourage families to move up to the next class.

Racing Points
- A-Main winners will receive 100 points. Points for each subsequent position down through the lowest main will be reduced by 2 points, will all participants receiving at least 1 point. Receiving a technical DQ, Safety DQ, or refusal to weigh will result in 0 points. You must be present and attempt to race to receive points. To receive any racing points you must attempt to race the race you qualified. Racing DQ's & DNF's will get their finishing points.
                               -Example : 1st - 100 Points, 2nd -  98 points, 3rd - 96 points, 4th - 94 points. Etc.
- All Ties: Will be broken by the most number id the 1st place finishes, most 2nd place finishes. Etc.
Year End Trophies
-   1st - 10th Places in Regional points will receive a participation award and a trophy if they raced in at least 4 Regional events. 11th on down will receive a trophy and a participation award if they raced in all 5 Regional events. Novice will receive a participation award if they race in at least 4 out of the 5 Regional Events.
-        Note: Only 1 participation gift per child no matter how many classes you raced.

-        To receive a region champion jacket there must be a car count average of 4 cars, must race all 5 regional events. * If there is not an average of 4 cars and you raced all 5 regionals, you may have the option to purchase the jacket on your own.

-         If you win more than 1 championship, you will only get 1 Championship jacket for all the classes. If you wish to purchase a championship ring and jacket the items have to be paid for in advance. Anything above and beyond has to be paid for in advance. If you would like anything extra on the jacket it will be at the cost of the member making the special request.

-        Note: All orders and money MUST be turned into Region 5 by November 1st, after the regional points are posted. If you do not have your items and money turned in, you will not receive any awards.

Special Notes:
1.)        At times it may be necessary to run in a higher groove on dirt tracks. This will be done at the discretion of the local track committee with oversight by the Regional Board. This will be done prior to warm-us of heats or features.
2.)        The Regional Board reserves the right to adjust any of the guidelines above s necessary to fit the situation of the track.
3.)        In all cases where the event is shortened or cancelled, points will be awarded for sign-ins, qualification (if entire class is complete), and racing for classes in which the A-Main was completed.
4.)        The hosting track shall be closed beginning at 12:01 AM Monday prior to the scheduled regional or State's Race. Those found to have practiced at the host track during which the track was closed will receive a "no time and qualifying points for that event. Additional days for track preparation will be at the discretion of the hosting club and Regional Board.
5.)        Unless otherwise noted above, all other QMA rules apply.
6.)        A and half classes will not fuel after warm ups; they will refuel after 80 laps including warm-up laps.
7.)        All pets must be on a leash and under direct control by their owner. All club rules addressing pets at their track will override this rule.
8.)        All Region 5 local clubs will be CLOSED during the regional events.
9.)        To be considered a member in good standing at any time if you are an active member, at any given time you owe the Region 5 or THQMA, CCQMA, and I-70 money, you are not considered a member in good standing. If a check is returned you have 30 days after you have been notified to make the check good.

2017 Regional Officers
Regional Director                                        Noah Tipton                                        
Assistant Regional Director                                 Jeremy Urbain                                
Secretary                                                 Angie Healey                                        
Treasurer                                                Brian Turner                                        
Safety Director                                         Matt Hickox                                        
Tech Director                                                 Greg Andruskevitch & Rusty Barnard        
Publicity Director                                         Ginny Barnard                                        
                                Regional Fees
$35.00 Regular Regional                                 $40.00 State's Race                         
$21.00 to the hosting club                                $20.00 to the hosting club                
$20.00 Novice ($10 to the hosting club                 $10.00 to the Region                        
$14.00 to the Region                                         $9.00 to the Region                        
$0.00 to QMA                                                 $11.00 to QMA